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Size Guide

We recommend that you confirm appropriate sizing prior to placing your online order. 

B R A C E L E T S & N E C K L A C E S


The sizes on our website show the length in centimeters.

  • If you're not sure what size to select you can use measuring ribbon, string, or paper to measure the length of bracelets and necklaces solely.

  • Once you decide on a size that fits you perfectly, a measuring ribbon will instantly determine the length in centimeters.

  • When measuring with string or paper you will also need a ruler to determine size.



All sizes on our website are European & US sizes.

  • Rings must fit well and should neither be too loose nor too tight.

  • Please be aware that the size of your fingers may change slightly according to seasons, day time, and age. Finger's thickness tends to change from mornings towards evenings and vice versa. Warm or cold weather may also have this effect.

  • You can find your European & US finger size by using the international size chart below and convert your size.

  • If your finger size is unknown, you can measure the inside diameter of an existing ring (in mm), and convert it to the size using the chart below. Please note that we are able to determine your finger size most efficiently and accurately with a single picture. please follow the instructions:

Place the ring on a piece of white paper, next to a ruler, (make sure the numbers on the ruler are visible) and take a top view photo. Send it to us via email - By using your image our team can quickly and accurately determine a suitable size.

איך למדוד טבעת, how to size a ring

Avoid using string or paper to measure ring size as these materials can stretch or twist, providing an inaccurate measurement.

Planning a Surprise? Check with the person’s best friend or relative if they know their ring size.

If they don’t know, find a ring that the person wears often and follow the instructions above. Keep in mind that the ring should fit on the correct finger.

For a consultation about sizing, please feel free to contact us at


טבלת מידות של טבעות, ring chart size
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